Welcome to Great Canadian Recycling!



Great Canadian Recycling is a locally owned and operated business with over 25 years experience in waste management. GCR provides 14 to 40 yard bins to construction & demolition sites as well as commercial & manufacturing sectors for haulage of waste, debris and recyclables.


GCR is affiliated with Simtor Environmental Ltd. which operates a waste transfer & recycling facility in Whitby. This operation processes incoming mixed waste streams for landfill disposal and separates recyclable materials for alternate end-users.



The combination of our experience and the strategic alliance of GCR & Simtor Environmental creates a network of contacts & exclusive arrangements which enables us to provide to you a full service waste management service portfolio.  We are licensed to operate by the Ministry of Environment.



Roll-off Bin Service

Roll off bins and compactor bins available in 14, 20, 40 yards.

Providing service to the following sectors:

Construction & Demolition
Commercial & Industrial
Roofing (residential and commercial)
Residential  (other applications).


Our recycling operation is 3 dimensional:

We will provide additional bins at your site to enable source separation of recyclable materials such as wood, metals, concrete, dirt, drywall, cardboard; or if space, personnel or other reasons do not allow additional bins on site for recycling, your bin containing mixed waste will be mechanically and manually processed at our Waste Transfer & Recycling Facility to remove recyclable materials.
Where required, whether a LEED Canada project, or to comply with MOE Regulations 102/103, we will track & record material recycling & diversion data and provide same to you in the appropriate Waste Management Reporting Form . 


We can provide the full range of services from providing the heavy equipment/excavators to demolish the building or,  alternatively, to only providing the waste haulage and disposal be it with roll-off bins or 45 foot walking floor trailers.

Demolition services available for residential, commercial, industrial buildings and other applications.

Special Curbside Large Item Pick-Up

If you have a large item that cannot go into the municipal curbside pick up such as a fridge, stove, or furniture etc., we have a boom/crane truck that can assist you and do the pick up for you.